Dominique Bradbury (b. 1988, London, UK)

Lives and works in Santiago, Chile
She received her BFA from Universidad Católica de Chile (2012) and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Münster with Prof. Julia Schmidt (2015-2016). Bradbury received her Master in Fine Arts from Slade School of Fine Art, London (2017).

Driven by today’s heavy influx of images and its effects on social myths and everyday narratives, in recent years I’ve focused on recontextualising images from films, magazines, personal archives and the internet in general, in order to create an open standpoint on contemporary mythologies of consumerism—not to define but elaborate an ongoing research of narrative subjectivities. I give a poetic and enigmatic twist to selected, edited and rethought fragments through a language of surface, colour and texture —what I call soft-pop—, in order to open up questions about beauty, femininity, gender, originality, visual culture and history in our ever so self-aware and aspirational society. Under a gaze of both admiration and disinterest, of critique and complicity, I aim to bring forward the abstract nature these concepts which, through centuries, have acted as mirages that only carry the meaning that we, as viewers and consumers, attach to it.

2017-2019    Master in Fine Arts. Slade School of Fine Art, UCL (UK)
2015-2016    Postgraduate studies. Kunstakademie Münster Hochschule f. Bildende Künste (Prof. Julia Schmidt) (DE)
2007-2012    Bachelor in Fine Arts, Universidad Católica de Chile (CL)

2023   Fondart Creación Artística (CL)
2020   Eaton Fund Grant (UK)
2017    CONICyT BECAS CHILE Scholarship (CL)
2015    DAAD German Academic Exchange Service Scholarship (DE)

2024     Instrucciones. TIM Arte Contemporáneo, Santiago (CL)

2023    Art Paris 2023. Galeria AMS (FR)
2022    Error de Continuidad. Galpón G, Padre las Casas, Independencia (CL)
2021    Deriva. TIM Arte Contemporáneo, Santiago (CL)

2023    Wachstumsschmerz. Auktionshaus Grisebach. Berlin (GER)
2023    MAPA Art Fair. TIM Arte Contemporáneo. Buenos Aires (ARG)
2023    Feria FAST. Santiago (CL)
2023    Blind Lemon. TIM Arte Contemporáneo, Santiago (CL)
2022    Playground. Factoria Santa Rosa, Santiago (CL)
2022    Premio MAVI-UC (shortlisted). Museo Artes Visuales, Santiago (CL)
2021    Trastienda. Galeria Patricia Ready, Santiago (CL)
2020    Mansion. Künstlerhouse Soest, Soest, Germany (DE)
2019    Graduate Show. Slade School of Fine Art, London (UK)
2018    Interim Show. Slade School of Fine Art, London (UK)
2018    The field. ASC Gallery, London (UK)
2017    27 pintores. Galería XS, Santiago (CL)
2016    XI Premio MAVI Escondida. Museo de Artes Visuales MAVI, Santiago (CL)
2016    Förderpreis Exhibition (shortlisted). Kunsthalle Münster (DE)
2016    Rundgang 2016. Kunstakademie Münster (DE)
2015    Artefacto. Casas de Lo Matta, Santiago (CL)
2014    Sub 30: pintura joven en Chile. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo MAC, Santiago (CL)
2014    VIII premio MAVI Escondida. Young Contemporary Art, Visual Arts Museum (MAVI), Santiago (CL)
2013    DIP: Departamento de Intervenciones Publicas. La casa del Ling, Mexico City (MX)
2013    Para hablar con los muertos. Local Arte Contemporáneo Gallery, Santiago, (CL)

2015    Pintura Chilena Contemporánea. Práctica y desplazamientos disciplinares desde la Escuela de Arte UC. Ediciones UC, Santiago (CL)
2014    Sub 30: Pintura joven en Chile. C Ediciones, Santiago (CL)
2013    Ojo andino. Chile: 170 sights of Contemporary Art. Imago Mundi - Luciano Benetton Collection, Venice (IT)

2024     El desorden de nuestros ojos, por Diego Maureira. Artishock Revista (CL)
2022    TIM. La galería Intuitiva. Revista La Panera (CL)
2019     Saatchi Art's Rising Stars (UK)
2019    10 Up-And-Coming Artists To Watch, Huffington Post (UK)
2017    Tres pintoras Sub 35. Revista Paula (CL)
2014    La nueva generación de pintores. Revista Paula (CL)